a design to the paper.



Plates can be made in a few different ways. Historically, wood and metal were used, and I have a growing collection of wood type and copper-etched imagery. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can design and print your work by selecting from these pre-made vintage plates. However, if you want something new and custom made, we can design your artwork digitally and produce photopolymer plates.

The following price list is an estimate that may fluctuate based on product availability, price trends, shipping costs, and production time.

Photopolymer Plate Pricing

Total Size Cost
Quarter Letter $35
Half Letter $60
Full Letter $120
1.5 Letter $180

* Pricing does not include plate-ready prep and shipping.
* Multiple colors and sides (front/back) adds to plate size and costs.
* Plate sizes also account for ¼ crop marks.

Experiments with Alternative Plates

Humanity Letterpress is an actively evolving letterpress studio. Our main objective is to combat the stereotype that letterpress is antiquated, exorbitant, and meant for select privileged individuals. That’s why we’re experimenting with unique, cost-effective ways to be thrifty with plate-making. Our digital designs are currently transferred to photopolymer plates. However promising results with 3D printers and laser engravers are leading us to experiment with alternative materials, such as wood and polymer. A new hot foil stamping setup is also currently underway. Please stay tuned as we continue improving our processes for higher quality and lower prices!

Gets inked and de/em-bossed


Letterpress paper is a special pillowy 100% cotton-rag. We typically use bright white Crane Lettra and Reich Savoy, developed expressly for letterpress printing. Its special fabric-like texture maximizes the letterpress imprint. These papers come in two weights: 110 lb, a medium-weight cardstock and 220 lb, a double-thick cardstock. If you are looking for colored papers or envelopes, please check out Announcement Converters. You will find many different options, depending on the paper weight, color, and size of the card!

Double Thick 220 lb (left)
Single Thick 110 lb (right)

Double-thick cardstock is perfect for business cards and wedding invites! Single-thick is generally used for bifold cards and RSVPs.

Paper Cost Estimates

Business Cards (2″ X 3.5″)
Savoy 118 lb: $0.063 each
Savoy 236 lb: $0.162 each
Lettra 110 lb: $0.100 each
Lettra 220 lb: $0.250 each

Wedding Invites & Menus
(Half Letter)
Savoy 118 lb: $0.174 each
Savoy 236 lb: $0.645 each
Lettra 110 lb: $0.400 each
Lettra 220 lb: $1.000 each

Wedding Reception, RSVP,
and Postcards (Quarter Letter)
Savoy 118 lb: $0.1250 each
Savoy 236 lb: $0.323 each
Lettra 110 lb: $0.200 each
Lettra 220 lb: $0.500 each

4″ Round: $0.150 each
4″ Square: $0.160 each

Detail Cards (2.75″ X 4.25″)
Savoy 118 lb: $0.063 each
Savoy 236 lb: $0.162 each
Lettra 110 lb: $0.100 each
Lettra 220 lb: $0.250 each

Greeting Cards
(Half Letter Bifold)
Savoy 118 lb: $0.174 each
Lettra 110 lb: $0.400 each

* Feel free to ask about alternative sizes, paper types, and envelopes!

3. INK:
Soaks into the paper like a boss.


We have a full set of Van Son rubber-based primaries (red, yellow, blue), black, opaque white, transparent white, metallics (silver, gold) and florescents (blue, green, red, orange, magenta, pink, yellow). Any color can be mixed to work with your design!

Ink Cost

First Color: $15
Second Color: +$10
Third Color (and each subsequent): +$5 each
Custom Color Mixing: +$10 each

Basic operating costs.

A small fee of $15 that accounts for things like mineral spirits, Teflon spray, microfiber rags, roller replacement and maintenance, assorted tapes, packing paper, test paper, and the electricity needed to make the printing magic happen!

Entails design + print production.


Materials prices are at-cost. Labor prices are very modest. We do this because we love it.

A. Design Production Estimate

Prices are based on a few different scenarios. See which option fits your needs and budget!

1. Business Suite. $25
If you’re on a tight budget, The Business Suite is the option for you. Design production is cheaper if you decide to keep it simple using one of our templates, or keeping it based on typography and page layout (no custom illustrations, monograms, or logo designs).

2. Custom Suite.
The Custom Suite is our most popular option. For this, we design the lettering, monogram, logo, and illustrations from scratch. Prices depend on the complexity of the design. Here is a general estimate:

Hand Lettering: $50
Monogram: $125
Illustration: $200
Logo: $250

2. Self-Sufficient Suite. $5–10
Have a design of your own? If you supply the design, there is only a small setup fee to make your artwork print-ready depending upon the complexity of the project!

B. Print Production Estimate

Each plate is printed by hand using our platen presses. Prints are made one at a time and are individually checked for quality control. We sport a Chandler & Price 8″ X 12″ and 14″ X 22″. For cutting, we have a 19″ Challenge Style 193 Guillotine. All of our equipment is over 80 years old, manually operated, and runs like the day it was made. This is the special ingredient that makes our prints charming and cherished.

Pricing depends on the complexity and size of the image, the number of plates (separate colors and sides), the edition size (number of copies), and the amount of time it takes to complete the job. For these reasons, it is difficult to generalize a specific printing cost. Generally, larger editions have a lower cost per print.

Printing. Starting at $100
Cutting. Starting at $35
Folding. Starting at $45

Production Time

Letterpress projects usually take two weeks from start to finish, including design and production time. Of course, this depends upon the intricacy of the design job, edits, and how the weather affects shipping speeds. If you need your cards sooner than this, there is a rush fee.

Shipping Costs

If you live within the Tampa Bay area, we can deliver the work to you or you can pick them up! Otherwise, we mail via USPS. Shipping rates vary dependent upon the size and weight of the prints and where they’re going to. The cost is estimated once the prints are made.