Why Humanity?

If you’re tired of the generic template-restricting options for wedding invitations, the digital UV coating blistering off of a wallet-chapped business card, the stale over-priced stationary from online publishing companies, the fact that your frenemy Jessica has better wedding invitations or business cards than you, or the frustration of working with an automated system with a broken interface— then Humanity Letterpress is the right decision for you!

We specialize in custom design and illustration that outputs through affordable letterpress wedding invitations and business cards. Just because it’s "handmade" doesn't make it good. We guide you through the process to produce exactly what you want and ensure high quality letterpress printing:












Custom Design

Templates are available to give you an idea of the styles you like. Every project is customized to meet the client’s needs and preferences. Humanity Letterpress is a full-service creative studio that takes originality and craftsmanship seriously so that you stand apart from everyone else.

High Quality

Custom designs are printed on Crane Lettra and other handmade cotton-rag papers using a combination of the Chandler & Price 7"x11" and 14"x22" platen printing and foiling presses, and a Glowforge laser engraver capable of cutting paper, wood, and acrylic.

Affordable Letterpress

It’s hard to find a quality designer and letterpress printer who works on your budget. In an effort to make letterpress a feasible option for more people, Humanity Letterpress has a flexible price scale based on a variety of materials and labor options. The answer is always yes.

Small Business

Humanity Letterpress is a printshop and graphic design studio in Seminole Heights Tampa, Florida. When she isn’t teaching at USF, Elizabeth Herrmann loves spending her time behind her two C&P presses. Tedious print production helps keep her off the streets at night.


If you’re looking for 80,000 cards for $6, this isn’t for you. Humanity Letterpress produces handmade cards using 100+ year-old presses and a passionate respect for craftsmanship. We make collectable memorabilia designed to resist landfills and bottomless purses.


Humanity Letterpress loves to collaborate with clients nationally. Prints are securely packaged and mailed via USPS. Prints are also sold locally at venues like Mezzo Market St. Printersburg, and Indie Flea. We also welcome the opportunity to print for graphic designers in need of a printer!


We produce thoughtfully designed letterpress wedding invitations, business cards, packaging, and more. Feel free to review the options below for ideas and stylistic reference. Custom designs are encouraged. Prices are based upon design style, edition sizes, and materials. Please see Pricing for details or contact me directly for a quote.

Humanity Team

letterpress wedding invitations tampa

Elizabeth Herrmann

Graphic designer and printmaker. This lady knows how to translate your needs and desires into memorable rhetoric, brilliant typography, and savvy imagery. She’s excited by wood type, embossed cotton rag paper, the sound of her guillotine, and seeing the look on client’s faces when they’re pleased with the work.
letterpress wedding invitations tampa

Chris Chow

Computer and mechanical engineer. This Shop Boy knows more about the presses than the manufacturers. He’s entertained by maximizing printmaking efficiency, lowering production costs, and scheming ideas that combine new and old tech to improving traditional printing processes. Chris knows the technical tap.

Letterpress Tampa

Humanity Letterpress is a graphic design + letterpress studio in the Tampa Bay area, specializing in custom wedding invitations, business cards, packaging, and paper goods for restaurants and breweries. Elizabeth started Humanity Letterpress in 2015 as a hobby, but the passion soon turned into a full-time career. She strives to offer a better alternative to mass market printing services through custom design, quality letterpress printing, and human-to-human collaboration with her clients. If you care about these things, then Humanity will make sure you enjoy the design + print experience at an affordable price.