Below is an abbreviated record of my published books, articles, and speeches related to the Cards For Humanity initiative.

Message 4 Journal Article

The University of Plymouth Press published my report on sustainable social practices for visual craftsmen, including alternative commercial/entrepreneurial models and unique forms of networking and representation. Coming out soon!

TEDx Talk

Through my speech at TEDxUSFSP I visually and verbally promote the idea of “Creative Resistance” rather than passive complacency for all American citizens.

AIGA Case Study

The American Institute of Graphic Arts published an article detailing the origins of my empirical research on Cards For Humanity, a design for social change project.

Preliminary Research Project

Cards for Humanity initially started out as a grant-funded endeavor, whereby I was able to acquire the studio equipment and materials necessary to design and letterpress calling cards for 55 craftsmen in the Tampa Bay area. This website documents the original project.

Co-Lab Book

BIS Publishers from Amsterdam compiled my scholarly research on collaborative design into a handbook including 10 contextual essays on various facets of collaboration in the arts, 75 diverse Q+A interviews highlighting international art and design studios, and 400 original illustrations.